Many Hats

Over the years I have had inspirations to write. Often is was just one or two lines I felt needed to be penned, and then there was the enthusiastic idea for a novel or short story. I started writing poetry in my teens, started many short stories/ novels but never finished any, and have flirted with some writing here and there as I have gotten older. Sometimes the urge to write is overbearing. I don’t really even know that there is a theme to what I am inspired to write. If I were to dig around the house, I am sure that I could find some of my starters and poetry from years past. I am also sure that a lot of it has gotten lost along the way. I am hoping that this will give me a place to sort and store some of my random inspirations.

I have worn many hats over the years and currently wear several at the same time. (Picture that, will ya?) I am a new mother for the second time, a grandmother at the ripe age of 41, a business owner, a full time student, a mentor and being mentored, involved in the recovery community, and on a spiritual journey that is now about 15 years long. I am busy. I like being busy. I can get lazy easily so staying moving helps combat the laziness.

I have become bored with social media and am no longer a fan. Another reason to simply have a blog to record thoughts. I don’t really care who reads it, it is not for you, it is for me. However, I am open to any new ideas, thoughts, or discussion. Follow me if you like, subscribe to see the things that float through my mind, or disregard if you aren’t interested. I am not searching for “likes” or “friends.” I have plenty of friends and self-worth. So here we go…