"I was so blessed when Holly bought the barbershop. I had just began getting my 8-year-old son's hair cut there. Mason is now 28 and still goes to Ms. Holly's Barber Shop. My middle son is 22 and she began cutting his hair when he was 3. When Sam, my youngest, needed his first haircut, I knew where to go. Sam has severe CP, seizure disorder, and is nonverbal. When he was young, he had many seizures and would vomit afterward. I would only take Sam to the shop when it was less busy because I didn't want to bother other clients. Sam is now 19 and has never been to another barber. I recommend Holly with all my soul. It would have been nice if she had the private studio in his younger years, but am very grateful she has one now. He had his hair cut in her private studio and it was wonderful not having to worry if he was too loud to disturb others, or that the noise would upset him. Sam is in a wheelchair and there is plenty of handicap parking, his chair maneuvered easily inside, and Holly's studio accommodated it well.

Kathy Carroll 2021

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